Heaven and Earth

'The Reckoning'

(perspective of the event by Goliaths)

Our shamans and dawncallers were quick to divine that Kravaki wanted his chosen people to be safe. Sad we were to say goodbye to the open skies. Tearful were we to leave the mountains we had called home for so long. But too many were dying in the avalanches, the rock slides, the outside world had turned against all living creatures. Forced to go underground, but we have found our place, working with the dwarves, helping keep this area safe. And in return, they have provided us good armor and great weapons. Kathaals (and for that matter, all Goliaths) have never been good at smithing. So it has been the perfect arrangement. But we still yearn for the world as it has been told, passed down from one generation to the next. I wonder what fresh air feels like? What is frost? Is the grass there really green? How odd! What does this mysterious sun really look like? Is it truly the eye of Kravaki? Looking down on the world, seeing everything? If so, why does he allow us to remain underground?

So much was lost to the Reckoning….the time the Gods showed their vengeance. Obviously Kravaki needed to remove the undesirables from the world. To start over with a clean slate. We shall reclaim our rightful place.



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