Talleria of the Nine Sisters

Quiet, arrogant, majestic.


She is a prophetess from the culture of Stonechildren. A high priestess that looks over the divine needs of her culture. She and her eight sisters heal, scry and provide spiritual support for those that follow her.

She is aloof. Her skills and confidence are remarkable.

She is 5’ 7", gold scales, and hairless.

She wields a spear and is typically found in white robes, ornately decorated in purple and deep reds.


Talleria was raised as something more than a princess. She is the direct link between the stonechildren and their gods. She is worshiped. This has caused her to lose touch with her humanity/mortality.

She walks with 8 other sisters:

SISTER DUNGULIA – a harsh, aggressive sister. She has man conflicts with Talleria.
SISTER HELL INVATTINELLA – a quiet and methodical sister. She remains alone for much of her day.
SISTER PROKNUIT – a generous sister. Popular among the stonchildren. Always working to feed and cloth them.
SISTER JUBILATION – a flashy, attention seeking sister. Always looking to take credit and discredit the rest of the sisters.
SISTER JUNE – considered the most powerful sister. Her divine connections are the strongest every seen.
SISTER KRAW’NAIL – a weak sister. Afflicted with some debilitating disease. He body is slowly digesting itself. The powers of the other sisters cannot help.
SISTER TOOTHER – a follower of Sister Dungulia. Insecure and constantly reliving her failures.
SISTER ________ – the Mother Superior of the sisters. Alpha female.
SISTER TALLERIA – our hero. The youngest and most ignorant of the sisters. She is the most interested in combat and constantly on the guard for the 9 Assassins.

Talleria sees to the health and spiritual needs of her people.
“Her people” is misleading because her people are the 9 Sisters … but she views the stonechildren as her people. Like they are beneath her.

Talleria of the Nine Sisters

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