Rock is Wise

I cannot recount the last time I cried.
And now I cry every day. I think I will go for a walk.
Last journal entry of Grey Mierrya, before she walked to death-

The Stonechildren believe that the event which forced them underground was the fifth in a series of six plagues that would reign in an apocalypse. The sky became ill. The membrane that separates the sky from the area beyond became infected. At sunset you could see the infected veins of the sky. Then the plagues began. The plagues were:

  • The First Plague – Nightmares. Intangible images of gigantic psurlons and beholders swam across the sky. They were the size of mountains.
  • The Second Plague – Tremors. Healthy humanoids became victims of seizures. Many lost their balance and fell to their death among the complex mountains.
  • The Third Plague – Frogs. Bullywugs and Slaad attacked the mountains. The mountain goblins and gnomes were decimated. Only the powerful Stonechildren and Goliath were able to defend themselves from these chaotic intruders.
  • The Fourth Plague – Decay. Strong mountainsides suddenly became brittle and fell. Erosion. We lost many buildings and lives.
  • The Fifth Plague – Crashes. This was the event. We went undergound. We were already comfortable living in caves, and had a great trade relationship with the dwarves. It was not a difficult acclimation.
  • The Sixth Plague – of Thirds. We did avoided this as we went underground. One of every three humanoids was to die. We don’t know how. We went underground.

But our kind is used to caves, not being underground for eternity. Some of our kind have gone crazy with depression, and walk … forever. They call it a “wander.” They wander till they walk off a cliff into a deep chasm, or there are reports of finding Stonedchildren very far away … repeatedly bumping into a wall. Their minds completely gone.

We must find a way to live.
Or I am afraid that I may one day, too … go for a walk …
Stonechild Chieftan-

Rock is Wise

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