You were born and raised in an underground Dwarven kingdom of Hammerforge. You and your parents have never seen the light of day. About several hundred years ago, a catastrophic event occurred on the planet where a large object fell from the sky and impacted on the planet. This created massive earthquakes, floods, and spewed an ash cloud into the skies. The ash cloud covered the earth and rain down ash which chocked off most life. Life could not survive on the surface. Many races gathered what treasured and prized positions they could bring with them and marched to the Dwarven Kingdom of Hammerforge seeking refuge. Many died along the way and only the strongest survived. The Dwarven King Beorg Hammerforge III was a kind soul and allowed the various races to make home in his Kingdom. It was a strange site to see so many strange and unique races living in close quarters with each other. At first things did not go well. Tension, fear, and anger boiled over between the different races and the dwarves. The kind King was also wise and created a ruling council made up of the various races and allowed for the running of the kingdom to have input from all races, although the king would always remain a dwarf. Finally after time the races began to live in harmony with each other. As children were born, this type of society was all that they new. It was normal to be so close to so many different peoples. You are one of those children.

At the time of the great world event, many races migrated to the Dwarven Kingdom. One race, the Killoren, while fleeing towards the Dwarven Kingdom found a very large quartz like stone along the journey. It was found in a crater and was warm to the touch. It gave off an energy and the people believed it was related to the larger object that fell from the sky and hit the earth. They brought it to the Dwarven Kingdom as a gift. The size of the object is about half the size of a man and weighs several hundred pounds. It has been in the Dwarven Kingdom ever since. It glows in the dark and after being studied for years, the dwarves found that they could tap into some of it’s energy. It was placed on a tall pedestal in the central square. Pipes run through the inside of the pedestal and the energy from the stone is used to heat water to make steam that powers some basic mining equipment. Everyone refers to it as The Sky Stone . Over the centuries it’s energy seems to be lessening, almost like a battery being used up. It still works but nobody knows how much longer it will last. Unfortunately, many of the treasures and knowledge from your race (unless you are a dwarf) has been lost during the hasty march to Hammerforge. What Knowledge and traditions your race maintain have been passed down from generations and from what few books and artwork that made it to the Dwarven Kingdom. Each of the races has different views on the catastrophic even that caused the destruction on the planet. Nobody has dared go to the surface ever since the event. But that is about to change….

Heaven and Earth

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