Heaven and Earth

Ka Tal the Dragon Slayer

(why didn't Talleria get eaten?)

Well it is about time that I can add ‘Dragon Slayer’ to my title. Ka Tal the Red Dragon Slayer. It does flow nicely. I can still feel my sword sinking in deep as I got both of those deep hits in. Dragon blood spraying in the air, the scream of the beast….those are the moments I live for. And no one died. I must say Benoit, there is something very odd about these three companions. I can’t remember the last time I was around anyone for this long and they didn’t die. Remember my boyhood friend Jatak? We had such good times growing up…that is until the mind flayers got him.

Anyway, good thing we are able to convince Tikka to fly us in her horrendous death trap. I was a bit worried she would side with the Empire and we would be forced to kill her. Then to have someone else try and figure out how to fly! That would have been bad.
Rivermeet was ugly. I wish I never had to see a place like that. Thank goodness my sweet Lenara did not have to see that place. So little nature, and to see our people enslaved. I just wanted to scream! Where is your pride? You must fight to the end! Good thing we met up with Ja’Mama. I could tell right away she was a dawncaller. Taking care of our people. We will meet up again and with her coordination – we will free my people and crush the empire!
The flight to the Elf Kingdom was nice and boring, until that stupid demon showed up. I am all for killing and fighting. But teleporting? That just takes all the fun out of it! At least we killed it before it completely fucked up our ship. Though riding a crashing air ship goes on my list of ‘Least favorite things…EVER!’ I need a suit like Tikka – that was awesome. Super inflated, she could survived just about anything!
I do feel bad for letting Kirinbar go hunting without me. I should have known better. I must have still been tramatized from the crash. Oh, I didn’t see you offering to go Benoit! Lazy lion!
Drow. Now I am not a big fan of your everyday elves, Vyaria is one of the few exceptions. There is just something so flightly about them. But Drow, now you are talking sword time. With their stupid ‘lets make it dark so no one can hit us’ tactics. I really wish I could smell as well as you do Benoit, then I could just leap on them and chop them up. But in the end, we did take them out.
And that led us to the giant tree that Lenara told me about. It was even bigger then she described. I can’t wait for her to join me topside. And that is where mr ‘now I’m dead’ red dragon was. Siting in the giant tree. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with Talleria. Would she get eaten? Hmmmmm…..

Ok, I am back. I know, I know…. I shouldn’t think like that. But seriously – do you remember how she acted at Rivermeet. With me as her ‘bodyguard’. As if. She enjoyed it a little too much!

We did learn that the secret to the Obelisk is in the Angel’s daughters’ mind. And in Queensgate there is a helm to unlock memories. Why is there always some ‘thing’ that we adventurers have to go find? I don’t know either Benoit.



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