Heaven and Earth

Ka Tal's ongoing conversation with himself

Ka Tal talks to himself more than most...these are snippets that you overhear

I miss my quiet time….moving down the dark tunnels – my sword in my arm. You by my side. My trusty Benoit. You are always there for me. Sneaking up on those unsuspecting evil doers…. And then leaping at them screaming …. Slicing, chopping, stabbing… awash in the blood of my foes.
Things were so much simpler then. There wasn’t this huge amazingly bright ball of flame in the sky, enough to blind you. And so stinking hot. Who knew Kirinbar could smell so bad? You would think druids would have some kind of spell for that. I mean it really isn’t natural. But she hasn’t died yet – that is quite surprising.

And if only that was the worst of it. I thought I hated water, but holy liches that flying contraption driven by that mad midget was almost as bad. Goliath’s are not meant to fly. Seems like everyone else around here can….but it just isn’t right. And who wants to live on a giant floating rock? The mighty Kravaki did not put us here to have us get drunk and stumble off the side of the city! That just isn’t smart!

Did you see the size of that Elk? Who knew there were deer that big? That was a good fight. I didn’t kill it as fast as I should have, but I was still suffering from all that sunshine. Yes, that is my excuse Benoit and I will use it for as long as I need to! I didn’t see you doing anything you good for nothing lion!
As for this new ‘version’ of IO – You know me, I like my religion like I like my beer. It shouldn’t make a lot of noise, and it should make me feel better. Definitely shouldn’t be telling me what I can and can’t do. Or who I can worship or can’t worship. They need to learn a thing or two from our Dawncallers. Lenara knows how to make me feel good….ahhh…the hard rockiness of her skin….the sound of boulders crashing as we made love. I wonder if I will ever get to hear that again. We can’t let these false angels get away with what they are doing! We must stand up for these renegades, we must save our city! But I fear it is going to be a tough journey. In strange places – yes even stranger then we have seen I would bet.

Who knew that there were other Dragon Born? Thank the almighty Kravaki that being incredibly annoying isn’t normal for all of them. And being sacrificed to a Red Dragon – that is no way to go. I hope one of those isn’t wandering around out here.
Lenara told me about the Great Tree – I knew it! It is a sign that we can go home soon. All we need to do is rescue this Tin Man (who makes a man out of tin?), how hard can that be? Then rescue this Matthias guy. Again, how hard? Liberate my fellow Goliaths from the slave mines, and go to the tree. Oh, and we hopefully get to see some Drow. My sword is thirsty.


I like my religion like I like my beer? LOL!
The sound of boulders crashing?!? LOL.


“As for this new ‘version’ of IO – You know me, I like my religion like I like my beer. It shouldn’t make a lot of noise, and it should make me feel better.”

best quote ever.


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